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  • Kindred Crest

    “The clients approached us to design and construct a custom home. They requested logs as the primary construction material and wanted a super energy efficient home. The design is a very traditional southern plan extrapolated somewhat with very traditional material usage. Containing 3000 sq.ft. of living space with two-thirds of the space on the entry […]

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  • Lake Addition

    “The client had purchased a piece of property located on a lake. A renovated tobacco barn and shed were the living quarters. The design of the addition played off the tobacco barn typology. The dimensions were taken from a five-room barn and we worked to design a master suite, guest suite, laundry, screen room, and […]

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  • ICW Barn Door

    “The client wished to close off a large opening that accessed her sewing room. They requested a barn door constructed of reclaimed timber that would allow them to utilize two treasured pieces of stained glass.”

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